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Pride and Reputation can be Over-powering....

The loud, know-it-all from God knows where
31 July 1987
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This is the journal of a insane person that inst so Sane or insane. This is the place I come to for respite from everything, in order to make sense of what insanity is in my head as well as remember things. THis is where I am most honest. At one time, I was completely anon, meaning none knew it was I that wrote. So I wrote everything. But now, I'm not so anon anymore, and I dont wish to have hate. Three options- A new journal, continue writing here- but not everything, or lastly- overcome my fear and continue to write despite the consequences.

You see, this is the me. THe me completely, this is where I can be myself,where I am no one but me and my insanities. So what I ask myself is this- can I handle the judgement of others if it hurts?

>..No. But let's see what you think of me when you see inside my head.